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Trending for Spring 17

It’s now well and truly Spring… not that the weather is showing it! Spring is one of my favourite season for fashion. We don’t have to give up our favourite winter items, but we can start bringing back our Summer wardrobe. You can have so much fun combining your seasonal items, wear jumpers with skirts and crops with pants, there are just not limits!

With the wrap up of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week on the 8th Sept, I was left inspired and very eager to start shopping up a storm, for my Spring/Summer wardrobe!

These are my favourite trends for the season and what I will be looking for when shopping this Spring.


In my books, one of the most exciting trends for the season. Romance is all about ruffles, lace, frills, florals and soft colour pallet, with some classic black thrown in. As the ultimate feminine trend, have fun mixing romance with some edgier pieces, such as a leather jacket or black boots.

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Now I don’t really wear red, but I can not deny it is massive right now! Red was in every runway and could not be missed. It is such a fun statement colour. There are so many different shades of red, so when you are looking for the perfect red piece to add to you wardrobe, make sure you play around and find the perfect shade for your completion.

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Gingham came in strong and just keeps getting stronger! But don’t just think of black and white… Gingham is out in an array of colours from red to yellow. This pattern is perfect for any casual and smart casual occasion for the coming season. Try styling your gingham with a logo tee for an edgier vibe, or pair it with the perfect stew hat for cute summer look.

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That’s right, crop tops! Not that they ever really go away. Crops you can pair with a skirt, shots or pair of jeans, and we are also seeing them in gorgeous coordinating pairs. Try layering a crop with a white shirt or skivvy for the chillier days.

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Coordinating Suits

Coordinating Suits are everywhere! In the colours of the season reds, pinks and of course checks. Whether you choose a pant suit or skirt suit, have some fun with colour or try checks for a more masculine vibe. Which ever style suit speaks to you, try pairing it with a graphic tee or opt to wear nothing under the blazer, buttoning it up and finishing it off with a waist belt.

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