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The Jackets and Coats you need in your life

Living in Melbourne… you need a good jacket! Due to this freezing weather, jackets are a must for every outfit at the moment, whether we like it or not (unless you’re fine with freezing… I most certainly am not).

Even though Spring is getting closer by the second, it is still going to be a while until we can even think about leaving our jacket at home.

Embracing the cold, calls for investing in outerwear. There are so many awesome options for every budget.

Here are my favourite coats and jackets that can get you through to the warmer weather (which hopefully isn’t too far away). Oh and they are all for $150 and under!

        $149.95                                              $60.00                                            $90.00


$129.95                                                $139.99                                                            $90.00

$139.00                                                 $70.00                                                 $80.00

Just because its cold, doesn’t mean we can’t look stylish!

Let me know if you liked this post, and what you would like to see next 🙂

xox AG