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The Power of Style… Why AG is finally Here

After a long while of researching, planning and procrastinating (mostly just procrastinating) … it’s about time I jumped into this blogging thing!

I find myself scrolling through Instagram constantly envious of the awesome style bloggers out there and thinking… ‘I wish I was doing that’… Well I am going to!

Fashion has been a big part of my life, since I can remember, But I have found that fashion doesn’t mean anything unless you know how to style it.

Style is such a powerful thing.

It’s not only relevant to fashion and how to put a beautiful outfit together. It can affect someone’s feelings and opinions of themselves, others, a brand, an event or even your bedroom.

Just knowing how to style yourself in the morning can make such a big difference to your mood and your day ahead.

I am the biggest believer in looking good makes you feel good.

If I wake up in the morning and don’t make any effort with my appearance I am so unproductive and unmotivated.

Putting effort into myself and my outfit in the morning makes me feel ready and confident for the day!

If you feel as though you look your best, others will look at you, see your confidence and you know what… they are going to think you look great too.

When you’re scrolling through Instagram and stumble across a brand who has styled their products beautifully in their photos, you are 100% more likely to buy that product… Am I right?! (since you can’t answer right now… I’m going to give myself a big YES). No one wants to buy products that don’t look good!

Attending an event, whether it be a runway show, product launch or a festival… you want to walk in and feel WOWed. The styling and presentation of an event is the events first impression. If you walk in and are underwhelmed, you’re probably going to have that negative first impression on your mind for the whole event.

Walking into an office, someone’s living room or even your own room. The room’s style of colours, furniture and room features can affect your mood and feelings.

My aim is… To assist you with your personal style to make you feel better than you ever have. To help your brand connect to your audience better. To make sure your guests are going to walk into your event and be WOWed.

Styling is my passion and I’m sure you’re going to notice from following me here and on @alarnagrace.

If you have any styling needs, please do email styling@alarnagrace.com or have a look here.

xx AG

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