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Two Organic Skin Care Products You Should Try

As you may have noticed from my previous posts, I love trying new natural skin care products and I have two new ones to tell you about!

Deluxe Shea Butter

Deluxe Shea butter is 100% natural and organic Shea butter from Ghana. This special butter has so many benefits for your skin! It hydrates, rejuvenates and protects. Used to treat dry skin, psoriasis, eczema,  skin discolourations blemishes and stretch marks, even wrinkles! It can also be used as a massage oil and relaxes tight muscles thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. These are only some of the benefits, you can find more about it on their website.

As someone who has dry skin and suffers from mild eczema, I am so excited to be introducing shea butter into my skin care routine! It feels beautiful and you can feel the hydration straight away. It has quite a strong smell but with all the benefits it has, it is very easy to look past.

Herbs + Heart Face Mud

I have been looking for the perfect exfoliating face scrub and couldn’t have been happier to try Herbs + Heart’s Face mud! This product isn’t just good for exfoliation, it can be used as a daily cleanser and face mask, as well!

It is made from 16 super fruits and plant extracts, with Manuka Honey, Orange Peel and Sandalwood, packaged in fully recyclable glass packaging. Herbs + Heart are cruelty free, vegan friends and are committed to producing luxe environmentally friends products.

The ingredients of the face mud draw out impurities and deliver a healthy dose of amino acids and B vitamins. Your face is left feeling smooth and hydrated. Although it is a touch messy to use, it is definitely worth the clean up.

I hope you found these products interesting, and as always, if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

xo AG