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Coffee lovers, there is a new reusable cup in town

I have never really put too much thought into how much small things like takeaway coffee cups can effect the environment. It is so easy to go about our lives not considering the consequences. I love a good takeaway coffee and I am pretty sure so does a lot of the world! There is just something about having a coffee in your hand while shopping, that makes it even better!

Uppercup is an environmentally friendly answer to our need for takeaway coffee. That’s right, we can still shop with a coffee in hand and be good to the environment!

Uppercup is made from recyclable materials, and its glass like BPA & BSP free plastic is reusable and durable. It wont retain stains or odour and oh, arguably the most important factor… it is dishwasher safe! This super cup has been designed by baristas and produced entirely in Melbourne. And I must say they really did do a good job making this cup look stylist and enabling me to carry my hot cup of coffee, without burning my hands (thanks to the double installed wall) or worrying about spills (thanks to the pretty click on lid).

When I received my Uppercup, I wasn’t sure how well received it would be by the baristas in my favourite coffee shops. I though they might see it as an inconvenience, that I BYOed my cup. But I was so happy to find, that no one has an issue with filling up my environmentally friendly cup. At all! They have been happy too!

Investing in an Uppercup is such an easy and inexpensive was to start helping the environment, click here to get your hands on one 🙂

As always, feel free to ask me any question and go to the contact page, I would love to hear from you!

xox AG