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Fighting aging

Fighting aging is very high on my priority list, since I am planning to look 23 for the rest of my life, and I am sure you wouldn’t mind that either!  So lucky for us Ocinium have created the perfect opportunity to try their amazing age defying products!

Skin care is an investment. But it is hard to take the leap into an investment and spend a fortune on skin care products when you have never tried them before.

Ocinium, my favourite luxury organic skin care brand has created the Age Defiance Discovery Set, as an affordable way to try their three best age defying product set. The set features…

Ecdysis Bio-Ferment Enzyme Cleanse

Once you have removed your make up, this cream cleanser is perfect to get the last bit of nasties out of your pores and get your face squeaky clean. The cleanser promotes cell turnover to reveal youthful skin and a flawless complexion. Um, yes please!



Immortelle Vitamin B3 Serum 

This is my favourite Ocinium product out of all of their products I have tried! I have been using their Immortelle serum for about five months now and I am in love!! It feels so beautiful on your skin and after using it for so long now, I can say I have definitely noticed a difference. My skin feels so super soft, supple and hydrated! Click here to read more about this beautiful product.


Metamorphis Multi-Vitamin Cream

The name of this cream is enough to intrigue me! I mean, multiple vitamins are always a good thing. This cream is nice and light weight, so perfect for day and night wear. It is packed with luxury ingredients that hydrate, boot collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines!



I have loved trying this powerful trio! I definitely recommend taking advantage of the discovery set and trying these products for yourself 🙂

If you have any questions about my experience with these products please ask away!

xx AG